Cause and Effect Essay – Writing Tips + 100 topics

School and university are spaces where knowledge begins to develop. It is common for many of the activities that students develop in school to test each person’s skills. Every student who has passed through a classroom has run into the task of doing a cause and effect essay. The name can terrify even the most intelligent students, and these types of essays can sometimes be difficult to write.

What is a cause and effect essay? This is how texts that try to relate a given fact (cause) to a consequence (effect) are known, and for this process the creation of hypotheses and observation is necessary. They’re also known as cause and effect thesis.

These tasks test the knowledge of university and high school students, and although it seems a very complicated matter to solve, we have decided to help these groups to have a great educational performance. How to write a cause and effect essay? In this article we will review the 3 best techniques to perform it, so we will help all students and researchers to achieve a perfect result. 

1. Come up with a Mind Map

While the ideas of a concept map help to create a specific text promptly, we must mention the importance of images and symbols to structure ideas. Before making a cause and effect paper, check out the following advice:

  • On a medium board, cut out images (from a magazine or newspaper) that relate to the hypothesis you are trying to explain. Sometimes the ideas can be very diffuse, however, when they are organized in a mind map, they are easier to understand. You can paste them with adhesive tape and join the photos through threads. These techniques before the essay writing are crucial to have a clear mind and write calmly.

2. Search Everything Related to the Topic

The previous material is the best way to know what contributions have been generated on your subject. For an essay, it is always important to review the background, and for this, it is no longer necessary to spend hours in a library. Nowadays it is easy to filter the searches through the internet, which speeds up your production and helps you to know everything that people have done on your selected topic.

3.  Make a Draft

Drafts are the best way to rank ideas. The drafts acts like an example of what you want, are important to have the order of your essay: what are you going to write in the introduction, what orientation you hope to show, in what position you will put your texts and much more. If you’re already writing a cause and effect essay, don’t worry, you still have time to do a draft.

What topic can you choose for your essay?

Although the elaboration seems the most difficult part of the essays, it is impressive to see how the students go crazy looking for a subject to study. Luckily, here we also think about that and we have compiled 100 possible topics for a cause and effect essay.

1. The effects of growing up without a father figure

2. Urban music in society

3. What life is like after beating cancer

4. The effect of social networks on companies

5. The impact of virtual stores in the 21st century

6. The opportunities of the disabled

7. The effects of TV and smarthphones on young people

8. How racism affects today

9. Immigration adaptation processes

10. The life of children who are not vaccinated

11. Private education vs. Public education

12. Growing up in a dysfunctional home

13. Impact of pets on homes

14. The media on Twitter

15. Analysis of the time politicians devote to their social networks

16. Work as a community manager

17. The life of youtubers

18. Importance of influencers in public opinion

19. Time travel

20. Is it possible to clone?

21. Live being youtuber

22. Live being a gamer

23. Consequences of not doing sports

24. The daily life of overweight people

25. Life after being imprisoned

26. Youth and political parties

27. Consequences of the rock and roll genre in young people

28. The life of war veterans

29. Effects of removals

30. Traumas after the death of a relative

31. Reasons people smoke

32. How to deal with vices

33. Effects of holidays on children

34. How to stop global warming

35. Benefits and consequences of nuclear energy

36. Effects of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion

37. Stress in young people

38. Artistic appreciation in young people

39. Concentration problems

40. Techniques to study

41. Consequences of virtual reality

42. Benefits and cons of artificial intelligence

43. Importance of data for companies

44. Effect of religion on children

45. Effect of atheism on young people

46. Analysis of the Arab-Israeli conflict

47. Europe after the Second World War

48. The life of children in Africa

49. Consequences of not sleeping

50. Growing up as an only child

51. The lives of children after knowing that they were adopted

52. The world’s fight against terrorism

53. United States after 9-11

54. The lives of military children

55. Consequences of working at night

56. Future of traditional television

57. Future of the written press

58. Socialism vs. Capitalism in America

59. The effects of speaking two languages

60. How people who do not socialize live

61. The influence of fashion in society

62. The consequences of being a bad student

63. Behavior analysis of the homeless

64. How homeless people live

65. The death penalty in society

66. Safety in construction zones

67. The life of famous young people

68. Effects of forest fires

69. How cultures help countries

70. Effects of alcoholism on adults

71. Violence in the family

72. Sexual diversity in homes

73. Effects of machismo today

74. Effects of censorship

75. Importance of freedom of expression

76. Daily problems of illegal immigrants

77. Being a foreign student

78. Life after losing a pet

79. Being vegan in the 21st century

80. Effects of being a vegetarian

81. Why are there groups that believe the earth is flat?

82. Why couples stop loving each other

83. Effects of marriage

84. The life of young people with depression

85. Suicide in society

86. Effects of being unemployed

87. Effects of procrastination

88. Life after aesthetic operations

89. Effects of losing a limb in an accident

90. The paralysis of dreams and their causes

91. Life after being sexually abused

92. Why people suffer Bullying

93. Effects of suffering from low self-esteem

94. Effects of not studying at university

95. How indispensable animals are

96. Living in concubinage

97. Effects of boxing on health

98. Why attend the psychologist

99. The importance of mental health for young people

100. The wage gap between men and women in the 21st century

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